We've both won some, we've both lost some. It's been a back and forth year in our ongoing wagering game What's Normal and as always we offer an online version of it. What's Normal is a collection of 3 three things Bill Doyle and I disagree on as far as whether most people have done, enjoy, etcetera. This time it's a Christmas version. Only phone calls on-air count towards our actual bet, but for some holiday fun answer the following questions and see if you're "normal" or not.

At issue...regifting, candy canes, and whether to open one gift before Christmas.

Regifting gets a bad reputation. Why is it perfectly acceptable to give a gift card which has no thought to it at all; it's just an exchange of value? Yet if you were once given an item that is something brand new, never opened, not useful to you, but you meet someone for whom it would be perfect, giving it to them is terrible? It could be the ideal thing for them, something you would have gone out and paid for anyway. And whether you bought it or already have it and give it away, the value you are giving them is the same, it's just that in the case of regifting it was already transferred into the item.

Candy canes. Is there anything more disgusting than eating a candy cane? A sticky godawful mess that taste too sugary or like a peppermint bomb went off in your mouth. Terrible.

Opening one gift before Christmas? Has everyone abandoned patience? You can't wait 12 extra hours? Unless it's a bottle of Jack Daniels on Christmas Eve you want to open after finally getting the damn toy put together that had no instructions in the box, then no, you don't need to open a gift ahead of time.

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