Conversation topic: Do you struggle with auto-insurance costs? Tell us here...

High auto insurance premiums emerged as a topic on tonight's "Ask the Governor" feature when a tearful caller brought her plight directly to Gov. Chris Christie on Nj101.5's monthly show.

Amy, of Sussex, the single parent of a 19-year-old college student says her daughter got one ticket six days after getting her driver's license and now has 2 points.

The caller says that after spending all day on the phone looking for auto insurance quotes, "The lowest quote I got was five-thousand dollars," her voice breaking. "And the highest quote I got was eight-thousand dollars."

Christie responds, "That's incredible."

"And I don't know how people in New Jersey are affording car insurance for their college-age students," Amy says.

She wants to know what's being done to address car insurance prices in New Jersey.

Christie tells her the they just issued new regulations to try to rein in the cost of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that is part of your auto insurance policy.

Christie says he thinks that will bring prices down after the regulations are implemented, which he estimates could take a few months.

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