Melted cheese being scraped onto a plate of rare beef especially when it's truffle cheese....

As I discussed last week on the show, my wife and I and my son, who has the appetite of a teenage athlete, tried a new place in NYC. East Village restaurant 'Raclette' was the spot we picked after I saw a video of melty cheese being poured onto a steak dish.

The steak was cooked perfectly and the cheese covering the potatoes and asparagus rounded out a filling and satisfying meal. My son ordered a burger. Wow. I'll let the video speak for itself.

The service was friendly and they didn't rush us out. You have to love cheese to go. The smell draws you in from the front door and it's a mix of some very strong french cheeses, which for some may not be as much of a draw as it is for the Spadea team.

They serve only beer and wine and the coffee that accompanied our chocolate cake dessert was as good as the cake. I rarely order dessert, but we saw it pass by our table to another diner and had to try it.

Did not disappoint. And the prices were not too bad considering it's NYC.

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