There was a time when a snow day meant a total disconnect. Now it simply means working from home, which many New Jerseyans did as the state got hit with 8-12 inches of snow Thursday.

Surely the thought of "wouldn't it be cool to do this everyday" crossed their minds.

According to a report by the New Jersey Institute of Technology 45 percent of US employees work from home. I spent two years working from home feeding traffic reports to four radio stations. While I loved saving all that time, aggravation, mileage and gas commuting, what I missed was the interaction with the other people on the job.

When you don't get to interact with people you feel disconnected. You even start to miss the person you may just pass by everyday and say "good morning" to, or crack a joke with. Or you simply miss the water cooler conversation that keeps you socially close to your co-workers or just being the face that people can put a name to. I really missed the interaction.

Another problem is that when you're home, it's hard to focus on work. It's also hard to get others in the house to realize that you're there to work. Given the choice, personally I'd rather go to work. What would you do?

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