Over this weekend, we'll be broadcasting live from Ship Bottom, Ocean County this Saturday.

That's right, my podcast is back!

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Spadea's podcast is back! (Photo via yanyong)

Common Ground is relaunching on location to follow the Common Sense roadshow as we make our way around the state.

This weekend we'll be talking about going beyond the protection of whales and dolphins, although a laudable goal, not the crux of the argument against wind.

Immediately following the broadcast, I'll stick around to host a town hall discussion about why we need to stop the wind push in its tracks.

The bottom line is that wind power is a disaster for the power grid. Inefficient, low capacity, reliance on fossil fuels in order to function.

It's a scam, a lie and will cause irreparable harm to our commercial fishing industry, tourist industry and home values.

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Jersey Shore tourist industry might take a hit due to Wind Power off the shore, says Spadea (Photo via Erik Isakson)

And on top of it all, your electric bill will surely skyrocket. 

If you want to join me on the trail at any one of our free or ticketed events, check out the schedule here.

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