A woman made her flight but some of her belongings didn't. On Monday a female passenger at Newark Liberty International Airport was pulled out of line when TSA agents found what appeared to be hand grenades in her luggage. They quickly realized what they actually were. Two novelty bottle openers. The bottoms are fake and hollowed out to be used as such. They were painted black with a tuxedo design. However if you held them in the palm of your hand and covered that design, the pin and lever could certainly be taken as real.

What's more, these novelty bottle openers made to look like hand grenades even came with a clear warning:

Due to the nature of this product DO NOT take it into any airport, courthouse, school, federal or state building, or any establishments with tighter security. If you are flying we advise you to ship this product in the mail to your destination. 

What kind of idiot ignores a warning like this? I'm kind of shocked they even allowed her on the plane. I certainly wouldn't want to be sitting next to her in case of an emergency. If she were so dumb as to take fake hand grenades onto an airplane she probably would be equally stupid and problematic if the emergency slides had to be deployed.

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