This week I was joined by one of the rising stars in the political world. He's Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano and he's leading the pack for the GOP nomination for governor in Pennsylvania.

Trump-Virus-White House

Given so many of our listeners are living in PA, having escaped the high tax, over-regulated Garden State, I thought you should meet him as he's got a great shot at becoming the new chief in PA.

I had the honor of sharing a stage with him a few weeks ago at the Washington Crossing Inn.

A new poll has Sen. Mastriano with a 14-point lead in the primary, which is coming up on May 17. The winner will be taking on the presumptive Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro.

Josh Shapiro

Given the likelihood of a high GOP turnout and a growing number of voters rejecting the lockdown/mandate policies of the current Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, there's a good chance of a Republica governor in PA.

What does it mean for NJ? It could create a renewed exodus from the Garden State already suffering from billions of dollars walking out the door to lower-tax states like PA.

Looking at his plan for his first 100 days in office, it's going to be enticing for many New Jersey residents to take another look across the river for sure.

Gas Drilling Delaware Basin

What's interesting is that the PA election is coming immediately after two years of mandates and lockdowns so COVID policy is still an issue. New Jersey's race isn't until 2025, so hopefully, all the nonsense of lockdowns and mandates will be long behind us and we can focus on actually fixing the state by reducing debt, improving the delivery of government services, and lowering the regulatory and tax burden on families and small businesses.

Doug is PA's version of Ron DeSantis and it looks like PA is poised for the same dramatic change that we saw in Florida.

Ron DeSantis

The real question is that if PA can go full-Florida, is New Jersey next?

Your thoughts?

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