A female student at Glassboro High has been charged with harassment after posting a photo on twitter of two African American students who were in her Algebra class…with a racial pejorative attached to the tweet.

You’re thinking…it’s 2013 and we don’t live in the deep South. This shouldn’t be happening here.

Ahhh, but yes it does.

Right now, according to this:

The sophomore girl is accused of taking a picture of two African American students, writing a racist remark, and posting it on twitter.

The tweet was posted for just over a month before being noticed last week. It was first reviewed by a guidance counselor and a school police officer, who then alerted detectives.

The school won't be taking any action until after an investigation is complete, according to a statement released by Glassboro School Superintendent Dr. Mark J. Silverstein.

"Allegations of this sort are something we take seriously and that is why an investigation is ongoing. The appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete."

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The charges were filed this week. If convicted of harassment, a judge would determine the teenage girl's punishment.

Last night I talked about how the anti bullying guidelines are being taken seriously by districts across the state, and whether or not they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

In one instance, a 4th grader was charged with telling a female student in his class about her hair being dyed red because she had head lice. He was told to write an essay on how words can hurt. Long story short: the parents are looking to sue the district for emotional distress inflicted on their child.

In another, a middle school student told a fellow gym classmate that he danced odd and that is was “gay”.

He was given detention in order to redirect his behavior. The father of the boy subsequently asked that charges be dropped pending another lawsuit.

My conclusion was that the anti bullying guidelines…while attempting to thwart bullying, may be counterproductive in that they spawned lawsuits or threats of lawsuits.

Now here we have a situation that could probably be referred to as a textbook example of how the anti bullying guidelines should be implemented.

The girl posts the tweet back in December. It’s not found until a week or so ago; and now the girl is being brought up on harassment charges.

Pending the school’s investigation of the incident, you know full well an incident like this has to be address in the most serious way. And whether or not it generates a lawsuit by the girl’s parents shouldn’t even be an issue here.