You know how your parents treat you like a child no matter how old you are? It's getting worse and it's called "snowplow" parenting. That's where parents do everything, or try to do everything for their children no matter how old they are. A New York Times and Morning Consult survey shows it doesn't stop even when they become adults.

My boys are 12 years old and I want them to grow up like I did with little parental interference. I'm there for them when they need me and they are supervised whether they realize it or not, but they have the responsibility to make their own decisions and live with the repercussions just like I did growing up. That's how you grow up and when i see parents hovering over their children I see people who refuse to either let their children grow up or accept that they are growing up and with that comes a distance in the relationship.

So, I asked my social media followers, what are some of the things that we see parents doing for their children today that we did for ourselves when we were kids? Here are some of the best responses:

Robert Michelin - "Homework."

If I were king, homework would be eliminated. How many parents are doing their child's homework, just so they can help them get it off their plate? How frustrated are teachers having to accept it knowing where it came from?

Tom Strauss - "Get to school: we walked, they get taken more than ever."

Peter Szewzek - "Arranging playdates. It's that new 'social engineering' horses**t.
We used to go out and play. Now my mom has to call Johnny's mom to ask, 'Can Bobby come over to play with Johnny?'"

Justin Morris - "Fight their own battles."

How many times do the kids make up in 5 minutes, but the parents will hold a grudge for years, or have to deal with anti-bullying protocol?

Diane Ward - "think."

Daniel Brouse - "i'm confused... are we the grandparents? or are we ourselves? speaking as a kid, i think we educate the adults... cuz they are dense. you all trashed this place and ran up the debt... and now your plan is? ooooh leave it to the kids. great estate plan NOT."

Sammy Lou - "Carry their backpacks.....drives me crazy!!! I always make my 6 year old carry it. And I tell my 1st graders that mom and dad aren’t responsible for your backpack-you are. And mom and dad are looking for a hug at the end of their day-not you tossing your backpack at them!"

Hershel Horn - "Not allowing them to suffer from the repercussions of their actions. My dad was the judge, jury, bailiff...the only rights i had was to accept the sentencing."

Grant Lindaberry - "Cut the grass, yard work, and of course laundry!"

@R__D__3 - "My ex-wife insists that we make him dinner. He’s 7, I don’t understand why a 7 year old can’t make a ham sandwich. Its B.S. Steve."

Had to clean that one up a little but it was too funny not to end with!

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