Apparently, arena football is alive and well in Atlantic City. Which is great.. because not a lot of things are still alive and well in Atlantic City.

After fans submitted almost 2,000 names, (who knew there were 2000 fans!?) the Arena Football League will hold a final online vote to select the name of its new Atlantic City franchise from five finalists.

There’s still time to vote to name it’s hometown team, and the entries have been whittled down to the final five.

As the jock jam song would say at the actual game...”Y’ALL READY FOR THIS????”

  • Atlantic City Blackjacks
  • Atlantic City Gamblers
  • Atlantic City Jackpot
  • Atlantic City High Rollers
  • Atlantic City Royals

So there you go. Slim pickins, if you ask me. But what if we had to name a team comprised of our NJ lawmakers? I can think of a few. I’m sure every New Jerseyan can, but I probably could not mention them here. Just off the top of my head..

  • Trenton Taxers - I mean, it IS what they do best
  • Trenton Takers - Although they do GIVE stuff away, too, just not to 99% of us
  • Murphy’s Minions - At least, the ones who control the place, that is
  • Statehouse Slackers - Needs no explanation
  • Legis-“Later!”s - An homage to the hordes fleeing the state

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