It was important for us on Thursday to get a snapshot of how New Jerseyans are feeling at the dawn of Joe Biden‘s presidency. And we definitely had a mix of feelings: everything from “I’m so happy that we finally have the party that cares about people in charge,” to “BidenNotMyPresidentEver.”

Both sides agreed that much to the media’s disappointment, as I predicted (and as most levelheaded people knew), there was a peaceful transfer of power.

And both sides are extremely passionate.

Wednesday, a caller who was relieved to see Joe Biden being inaugurated described the frustration that he had for the last four years watching what he believed to be a selfish political party only looking to further its own agenda, regardless of the consequences.

On the other side, a caller who was an immigrant from Iran moved us to tears as she explained how her family left Iran to come to the land of freedom and that she sees her beloved United States moving backward, becoming more like the country she escaped from.

We tried to allay her fears by explaining that as a young country, we’ve been through cycles like this before (although not as radical as this one). Yet somehow, as the greatest country in the world, we managed to persevere and somehow come out even better.

Prior to the leftist tantrum when Trump was elected, and the de facto spokespeople for the left, the mainstream media’s attempt to divide us and blame it on the bad orange guy, our strength was in our unity. Call me an idealist but, despite fervent attempts to suppress it, the truth eventually prevails and I believe we will survive this, too.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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