Is it mental health? Is it guns? Is it security? Is it libtards vs. Trumptards? (Social media is so kind, isn't it?) Theories and opinions are flying as fast as useless thoughts and prayers. I said my piece on the show on Thursday. I'm not going to pontificate here. If you missed it, catch the show after the next mass killing. It won't be that long.

All I want to do here is share the varied thoughts of some of my Facebook friends. These are random and I am making them anonymous. These are people from all walks of life both in and out of New Jersey that I am friends with on my personal Facebook. Here are just some of their thoughts.

"In a DUI, we blame the driver. In a bombing, we blame the bomber. In a shooting, we blame the gun?"

"Stricter gun laws or outlawing them will not stop people who want to do harm with them from finding them. Remember prohibition. Did that stop people from making alcohol or selling alcohol? No it did not it only forced people into doing it in hiding. I didn't want to say anything on this topic and I've been holding back because I know that I can get passionate about many things but I personally feel in the end that it's people who kill people not the guns."

"Lack of mental healthcare leaves room for the damaged to do damage. #PrayersForFlorida"

" 'We should arm every teacher!' You bastards won't even buy them pencils and printer you got the budget for Glocks?"

"People in the United States have had guns in their homes for over 200 years. And mass shootings have only become a problem in the last 30 years. If you look there is a huge correlation between the rise of gun shootings and the decline of disciplining your children."

"There are parents in Florida right now, wondering if they will cook dinner or plan their child's funeral. F**k your guns. F**k your 2nd amendment right. F**k the NRA."

"Sorry for using dead children to advance my controversial political agenda of wanting fewer dead children. - Jess Dweck"

"Not to start a debate. Just to educate. AR in guns stands for ArmaLite. Not assault rifle. Don't always assume an AR is an assault rifle. It may just be the maker of the gun."

"All politicians calling for thoughts and prayers for the victims should have gone into the clergy rather than a position where they could actually help keep this from happening over and over and over again."

"When will enough be enough?
Airport/Prison style security is what is required to stop these horrendous acts. Every school, public and private must have this style security. That is the only way to prevent these things. Why do we have to go through metal detectors and screenings before boarding an airplane? Enter a prison? Attend a concert or a sporting event? It's to prevent tragedies yet, we allow these tragedies to happen in schools? Why? It's not a question of gun control, bad parenting or mental illness. It's not about religion or politics. It's about using our heads to prevent tragedies and save human lives. No matter what the cost."

"Do the videos from inside the school during the shooting make you feel uncomfortale? Good. Watch them. Share them. These mass shootings are now happening so often, many of them are reduced to simple headlines and 20 second news clips. I remember when it seemed like the world stopped turning when Columbine happened. Same with Sandy Hook. Now we have become accustomed to these tragedies. We as a society need to be reminded of the true terror innocent children across the country are experiencing at an alarming rate. This is not something we should ever get used to. I don't know how to stop this, but I do know the answer is not "nothing."

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