It’s a story that shocked the collective conscience of the Garden State this week. Someone drowned a 10 week old puppy in a weighted cage in a Passaic County pond. A small Golden Retriever. A deliberate act. Police are hoping someone knows something. A rescue has had $8,500 donated so far as a reward for information leading to a conviction.

What will a conviction bring? At most a few short years in prison, that’s if a good lawyer and PTI doesn’t get in the way. This is hardly justice for such a sickening act. Anyone this depraved deserves far worse.

Legally there’s only so much society can do. But we can dream, can’t we? While not condoning violence, we let our listeners vent their outrage and frustration by calling in some fantasies of what they’d like to do to this monster.

Many used water in an eye for an eye scenario. Put the creep in his own cage and put him underwater for a minute at a time and bring him back up. Never knowing which would be the time the cage would not rise again might give the bastard some sense of the terror the puppy felt. One listener wanted him in a shark cage. Another wanted to send him into a piranha tank. Yet another suggested a full on pit bull attack for some poetic justice followed by dunking the guy with those open wounds into the stinging saltwater of our Atlantic Ocean.

Of course no one will do these things. Because unlike this jerk, we are human beings. We were just venting our anger and sadness. If caught, whoever did this will go through the system and receive an inadequate punishment.

What a shame this was. A 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy would have been wanted by so many families. They had to know that. This just feels like a bloodlust crime, like how a serial killer starts. This person should spend at least the number of years the dog was deprived of behind bars. Sadly, they won’t.

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