The Powerball jackpot is now up to 750 million dollars which in New Jersey could just about cover a years property taxes, provided of course it doesn't rain. But if you did win the money what would you do with it? The politicians, if they won, would tell you it's not enough and they still need more. BTW, Where does the money New Jersey takes in from sports betting go? Shh...

What would you do if you won the $750 million power ball drawing to be held on Wednesday? Here are some suggestions from my social media followers:

Ron Hatfield - "Delete my social media, Change my phone number, and move to someplace where no one knows me. Probably another country."

Susan DeAngelis - "I would give it to the church bahaha not !!II would go straight to source to help pay for someones surgery or buy a homeless person a house and give to my family. Definitely not to the crooked town they have enough of our money they don't budget good they have a bad history lol hahaha"

Patricia Tyson Purks - "Sell my home! Get a nicer one with some land and take care of dogs and cats that need homes. Donate to a charity. Help my family out! And just enjoy ourselves!"

John Vo - "Give some to Roosevelt Public School" - I second that!

Jan J Aruffo - "First thing I would do is put my ticket in a safe place, not tell anyone including my family, then hire a lottery attorney, or financial consultant. Then change my name. And go to court to be anonymous."

Steve Bier - "Move out of Jersey, buy a private island where not even the IRS could find me, and drop off the face of the earth."

Dar Meglino - "I don't have much money, but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live 🎶🎵"

Chris McKelvey - "Buy you a lifetime supply of broccoli rabe" - At today's prices that would be about 4 stems!

Gino Formaroli - "Buy A Golf Course and Turn It Into My Estate...And Start a Statewide Chain of Music Venues Promoting Local Original Talent...venues Like That are disappearing quickly....Cancer Research in Memory of My Mom....A NJ Old Rockers Home, I am serious....And But A Small Villa Iin My Dad's Parents home Village of Morro Reatino Italy"

Misty McBride Presseau - "Scholarships for our seniors to recieve long term care. Our govt has turned their back on our elders"

Jill Connerton - "Buy a house for myself and one for my ex. Pay off my debts. Donate to a volunteer cat rescue. Then hope I have some left to pay my health insurance for a couple of years."

Jay Goldenberg - "My wife and I would run away to somewhere close to Disney World but somewhere hidden. We wouldn’t tell our grown kids, their spouses or our parents and just disappear and have fun."

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