To the best of my knowledge the national school walkout is more of a high school endeavor. It was a high school in Parkland, FL that was the scene of yet another bloody massacre and it was high school students who began standing up and speaking out demanding reformed gun laws. So mostly we think of Wednesday's walkout as something high school students are doing. What about middle schools, like my son attends?

He's a 7th grader whose school was not advocating or promoting walking out of class but set something up nonetheless. What they did to recognize some students' concern for their safety was set up an "Action Center" in their library. Staffed with a counseling team and administrative staff, students could voluntarily stop by during their free periods (in my son's school it's called Excel or DEAR but it's basically what we used to call study hall) to ask questions and talk.

Will any of that do any good? I don't know. But I do know I'm glad my son's school is recognizing the fear of their students whenever they hear of another mass shooting is valid. They're not dismissing them as so many internet memes have as broken little snowflakes eating Tide Pods and looking for safe spaces. Instead they're treating them like people who know this could happen to them because they've grown up their whole lives seeing the body counts on the news and living through active shooter drills monthly every school year.

What happened at your kid's school?

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