Once upon a time, if you watch old TV sitcoms, Dad worked and Mom stayed home and took care of the kids- sometimes there was even a housekeeper. In New Jersey, that wouldn't be a sitcom, it would be science fiction. If you're going to make ends meet in New Jersey, be prepared to work at least two jobs per family, better yet make that three.

In my house, I work here as well as another radio station and add to that performing standup comedy both at clubs and shows that I put on. My wife Deneen is a physical therapist that worked for three different companies before she finally took a full time job with benefits. Yet with all that work, we live a modest lifestyle. New Jersey is definitely not a one job state, so I asked what ELSE you're doing to make ends meet. Here are some of the responses, they may even give you some ideas... along with my comments.

John Bruno: "I might have to try my hand in sports betting to make ends meet"... Be careful, especially if you're a Mets fan.

Comic Dave Evans: "Comedy...because it pays sooo much"... See what he did there?

Michael J McCabe: "Magician, working in restaurants and doing kids parties"... Hopefully Murphy doesn't make our money disappear.

Geryl Raucher Hickey: "Pouring Beer at First Energy Park!"... Salute!

Butch Budai: "Starting a moving company."...Good luck!

Jasmine Rodriguez: "I make homemade natural soaps that I sell"... Keeping Jersey clean!

Mary Anne Kelly Hobbs-Fernie: "I make and sell jewelry. I only buy exactly what is needed. Sell what is no longer needed to avoid accumulation of junk"... Good thinking!

David Hershey: "I am forced to do Lap-Dances again Steve. And the tips suck!" ...maybe you should try harder!

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