According to Forbes, the Yankees are the most valuable team in baseball, worth an estimated $1.85 billion. I have a hard time believing the number is that low. Not only do they have the YES Network and insane merchandise sale numbers, they charge hundreds and in some case thousands of dollars for good seats at Yankee Stadium and still sell about 3.5 million tickets every year.

Second on the list is the Los Angeles Dodgers coming in at $1.4 billion, which surprised me because of the current state of the franchise (bankruptcy). But I guess playing in a city as big as LA, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

Here is the complete list:

  1. New York Yankees - $1.85 billion
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers - $1.4 billion
  3. Boston Red Sox - $1 billion
  4. Chicago Cubs - $879 million
  5. Philadelphia Phillies - $723 million
  6. New York Mets - $719 million
  7. Texas Rangers - $674 million
  8. Los Angeles Angels - $656 million
  9. San Francisco Dodgers - $643 million
  10. Chicago White Sox - $600 million

It's nice to see all three of the local teams represented in the top 6. What stands out to you?

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