Rickie Ricardo is not only a great guy but a true hustler when it comes to both radio and life. He's one of the best I know at both. I'm proud to call him my friend.

Every great sportscaster has his signature call and Rickie Ricardo has two of them.

Ricardo, who does play-by-play announcing in Spanish for both the Yankees in New York and the Eagles in Philadelphia, is most known for his "¡Si, señorSi, señorSi, señor!" when Eagles kicker Jake Elliot nailed a game-winning 61-yard field goal to beat the New York Giants.

Then the next day, Ricardo's in New York calling rookie Aaron Judge's 49th and 50th homers of the season. "Se va, se va, se fue!"

But as we all know, you can't have a "¡Si, señor!" without a "¡No, señor! No, señor! No, señor!" and that came for Rickie when the Eagles beat the Chicago Bears in a playoff game on a Codey Parkey missed field goal famously referred to as the "double doink."

Rickie Ricardo's parents moved to New Jersey from Cuba while his mother was pregnant with him. Rickie was born in Newark and raised in West New York and Elizabeth before they moved to Florida. He came back to attend broadcasting school.

Rickie got to New York while working in Florida when he met Frankie Crocker and obliged him with a tape, which led to years working in music radio.

After years of working in music radio, the hustler that is Rickie Ricardo seized the opportunity to call games for the Hispanic community and seized it in two of the biggest and toughest cities, New York and Philadelphia.

How is baseball doing among the Hispanic community?

"Baseball is still strong among Latino youth because it’s passed down from previous generations," Rickie told me in a text exchange.

How does Rickie feel about the Yankees chances this year?

"The Yankees will win the AL East and are favored to go to the World Series but they MUST hit in October if they want to have a chance."

When Rickie's not broadcasting the games in Spanish, he's talking about them in English in both New York and Philadelphia.

How does he feel about the Phillies?

"I think the Phillies are a slightly above .500 team, but their season will all depend on their bullpen."

And of course, the Mets.

"If the Mets get any starting pitching at all they can win the NL East and give the Dodgers a run for the National League."

No matter how the teams are doing, we know how Rickie will be doing. He brings joy to whatever he does and the audience reaction to whatever that is.

¡Si, señorSi, señor! Si, señor!

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