The concept couldn't be simpler. You listen for the "Jersey Cash Code" on NJ101.5 and when you hear it, you go here on under our contest tab and enter that code to be eligible to win. You can score up to $5,000. The cash codes are common words, like 'table,' or 'chime,' or 'disestablishmentarianism.' (Okay that last one was a joke.) Enter the code and fill out your info and wait to see if you win. It couldn't be easier. Heck, we even tell you when to start listening! Begin listening at 10:15, 1:15 and 4:15 and within a few minutes you will hear the Jersey Cash Code.

Now $5,000 is nothing to sneeze at. Where did that stupid expression come from by the way? I've never used sneezing as a form of being dismissive. But I digress. Much can be done with $5,000, even here in New Jersey. Sure you can't pay a full year's average property tax. You'd still need $3,477 more. And if you're the wealthy governor you'd still need $199,361 more.

But what can $5,000 do for a true New Jerseyan?

Let's start with the Jersey staples. Pizza.

You could buy 424 plain cheese pizzas with that money. That's a pizza a week for over 8 years my paisan!

How about pork roll egg and cheese? A big win on Jersey Cash Code will get you 1,246 of these bad boys.

Those pesky tolls? No problem! Travel the full length of the New Jersey Turnpike 361 times and all your tolls will be covered.

Here's one you'd never do. You could find the lowest rate for long term parking and leave your car at Newark Liberty International Airport for 588 days.

Tired of walking around campus? Annoy your classmates with a Segway-MiniLITE. You could grab 15 of them if you win Jersey Cash Code.

You want to zip through Jersey traffic? Get a Suzuki DR200S with a little beer money left over.

Movie prices in Jersey are all over the place depending on where, matinee vs. evening, etc.. But let's say $11 for an adult ticket. You could see Black Panther 454 times.

You could pay the utilities on a 915 sq. foot apartment in Jersey City for 39 months.

Or you could pay over 7 driving while on handheld cell phone tickets with the money, but everyone will hate you for it.

Whatever you do with the money, you have to win it first. So get going! Make sure you're listening starting at 10:15, 1:15 and 4:15 to NJ 101.5 for the Jersey Cash Code!

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