We're always looking for additional ways to communicate with listeners throughout the show and in between shows so today my producer Kristen and I discussed adding Instagram to the morning promotions.

Every morning, we'll video a quick 15 second Instagram story, follow @NJ1015, to talk about the upcoming show. (Turns out Instagram limits you to 15 seconds or it would be longer!)

During the discussion of how to promote the new social media outlet (at least for us, I know other hosts already use it) Kristen took a quick pic for social media...of course nothing in our world is simple and Dan Zarrow snapped his own pic of the proceedings.

So here's the deal, check out the pic on Instagram and Twitter and write your own caption. We'll select the most creative and funny suggestions and then create an online poll for you to pick a winner. Winning entry will get tickets to a future Stress Factory comedy show. Good luck!

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