Although my conservative friends may disagree, I think it's time to re-evaluate how we deliver a well rounded education for our kids.

It makes no sense given the tax burden in this state that our public schools are not able to provide basic nutrition during the school day. Every member of the Cherry Hill Board of Education should be fired by the voters in the next election. To tie in a kid's school lunch account and then punish the student for the parents not staying current with the bill makes no sense. Denying the kids access to the prom? Field trips? Yearbook? C'mon. It's outrageous.

The Cherry Hill School Board panicked when they were confronted with the tuna sandwich controversy. Instead of defending a very healthy, lean protein meat, which is just fine for all the kids, they buckled like cowards and then raised the debt limit.

Part of the problem is Governor Murphy has raised the state budget nearly $5 billion over Christie levels and has promised free college to illegal aliens, but no lunch for citizens in public schools who are already paying the highest taxes in the country? What?!? Then it's a local, smaller issue, aren't field trips a part of a well rounded education? I think a person who's kid is denied a trip and a yearbook should sue the district and hold the bureaucrats accountable.

Here's my solution. If I were making this decision, it would be two fold.

First, eliminate all school lunch accounts and provide a low cost basic lunch for all NJ public school kids.

Second, offset the cost by monetizing the lunch room. Similar to how ball parks have monetized the naming rights. Let a local restaurant or supermarket sponsor certain days of the week or provide complete service throughout the school year. Maybe several sponsors each semester?

Even without sponsors, maybe we fire a superintendent or two and use the money saved by scaling back the administration. And yes, obviously I would shut down any flow of money to illegals. Actually the only money spent on illegals would be law enforcement resources cooperating with ICE in order to enforce detainer and deportation orders.​

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