We are so used to political correctness running amok in today's world that we're starting to be desensitized to it. And that's a very bad thing. Because the more you get used to it the less horrifying it will seem to you.

And while The Supreme Court mulls over the question of whether it is bigotry for someone's religion to forbid him from making a gay wedding cake, no one's even bats an eye.

People can deface statues of Christopher Columbus and we are giggling about it because we're getting so used to it. But I feel it's my responsibility to point these things out for what they are; frightening attempts at reversing the course of history and indoctrinating Western civilization to a new world order.

Today's case in point: Dairy Queen posting a sign that--even though it claims to be tongue in cheek-- still sends a message. The sign says, among other things, "this restaurant is politically incorrect," Noting that it's employees will be known to utter such statements as "Merry Christmas" and " In God We Trust," and will provide "a designated snowflake safe space" for those who are offended.

Not surprisingly, this prompted outrage among thousands in the politically correct camp, even moving one person to write on his Facebook page I find this extremely offensive, “Please speak with the franchise owner."

We are well into our descent down the slippery slope that we've always feared .. and we are just about at rock bottom. Watch out: it's gonna be a hard landing.

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