Here's some information you don't think you need until you really do. When it comes to gas station restroom cleanliness, what do you think would top the list in NJ?

According to a study by gas station finding app GasBuddy, Wawa has topped the list for New Jersey. GasBuddy generally ranks the restrooms on cleanliness and, in the industry overall, restrooms are reportedly getting cleaner, with a rise of 6% compared to last year. Wawa wasn’t only tops in New Jersey. It also was named the best in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Florida.

Some chain called Maverik also was named the best in six states. Apparently it’s a brand popular in the western part of the country in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. According to the GasBuddy study, 40% of travelers fear having to use the bathroom on a road trip and not knowing where to find a clean one. Personally, I have always found Wawa’s restrooms to not only be clean but spacious, more akin to the size of a truck stop bathroom than a run of the mill gas stations. I know they’re not gas station restrooms per se, but the worst bathrooms are on the Parkway at the rest areas, with some of them always having some liquid on the floor (to the extent that they have floor-level fans to dry them) and smelly.

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