It's that time of year in the Great Garden State...time for snow.

One year ago...we were in snow up to our...never mind. (Craig Allen photo).

Although, tomorrow morning will test far, we've gotten off pretty easy!

One  year ago, we were up to our...eyeballs in the white stuff, and I was sharing a recipe for making "snow ice cream!" Remember?

But, I digress...

Back to the television...the title of this article is a "play on words."

There is snow on the television, literally.

In our current age of "digital television," there is either a picture on the screen, or a black screen. Nothing.

In the analog days (prior to the mandated digital conversion in June 2009), a TV picture might be "snowy."

"Snow." (Craig Allen photo).

And, you could turn your "rabbit ears" (indoor antenna) to improve the picture...

Snow on TV, take 2! (Craig Allen photo). would you caption my "snow on the TV photo?"

Compare it to a "Big Joe Funny Photo Caption Contest."

Except, all that I have for you to win is a "case of notoriety."

I'll start, with all apologies to 'the BOSS':

"57 Channels and Nothing On...But Snow."

As Pat Benatar would say: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!"

"Chime in" below!

Have fun!