I listened to Steve Trevelise Thursday night taking calls on the graduates at Notre Dame who walked out on Vice President Pence. Most seemed to feel it was disgraceful, which I can't disagree with at all. But some were also saying it "ruined" the graduation for everyone. That's where I disagree.

Take a look at the video if you haven't seen it. The walkout starts at about 1 minute 20 seconds in, and lasts only about twenty seconds. My perception is that the protestors walking out on Pence are the ones getting booed. They simply waited for Pence to begin to speak, and stood up and walked out. There didn't appear to be any chanting, heckling, or anything other than the walkout itself.

I disagree with the walkout. If you don't respect Pence's nonsensical beliefs about "praying away the gay" and all the the rest so be it, but at least respect the office if not the man. If you felt that strongly you could have skipped the ceremony entirely. They were purposely waiting for Pence to begin just to make a statement by then walking out.

However I strongly disagree that this twenty seconds of childish behavior "ruined" the ceremony for the vast majority of graduates and families who remained. It was over in a flash, and I think they made themselves look stupid and not the other way around.

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