The warmer weather is in full swing throughout the Great Garden State. And along with beautiful weather are activities often enjoyed outside.

Whether it's a trip to the park, a weekend camping, or a hike in the woods, New Jerseyans know how to enjoy themselves this time of year.

But before you take a rest at that picnic bench, there's something you should be aware of. Not that it's common to come across this at a picnic table or bench, but it does happen from time to time.

And most people wouldn't even think twice or notice this at first. So consider this post as a friendly PSA of what to watch out for before having that picnic.

Creatas Images via ThinkStock
Creatas Images via ThinkStock

Here's a look at what we discovered underneath a picnic table while camping this past spring. Again, it's just something to keep in mind before taking a seat.

Potential hidden hazard on NJ picnic tables and benches you need to know about

A hidden danger that could potentially be present without you knowing

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