You never know what you’re gonna get when you get up in the morning, put on the uniform and get into your patrol car. As I have said for years, there is no such thing as a "routine" call for NJ cops.

Last Sunday, for Patrolmen Robert Thuring and Ryan Hensperger, was one of those days that pushed them to the limit of their strength and training. They were called to the New Jersey Turnpike, where a 23-year-old distraught man was on the overpass on the other side of the guard rail, preparing to jump. The officers sprung into action after being unable to talk him back over the rail. Both officers grabbed the man as he let go of the guard rail and made the attempt to jump. The cops were half over the guard rail themselves as they pulled the man to safety.

Adding another element of stress to the chaotic scene, the man was screaming at the cops to let him go so he could fall to his death. Undeterred and focused, the officers did their job and saved his life. He’s now getting the treatment he needs.

Special thank you to East Brunswick Police Department Sgt. Dan Unkel for recommending these heroes to be honored on #BlueFriday.

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