The Scarlet Knights may have had their first Big Ten win on Saturday, but the victory didn’t eliminate controversy surrounding the conference newcomers. 

Photo by Chris Cella

A sea of black-clad Rutgers fans flooded the field at the end of the game’s final quarter to celebrate a two point lead against University of Michigan. This reaction overtook most of the sold-out stadium, and the field was overwhelmed with supporters rushing to enjoy the victory alongside their Scarlet Knights.

But the response was melodramatic to some onlookers, and you don’t have to look far through “#RutgersvsMichigan” Twitter search results to see the skepticism.

Photo by Adam Cohen

Criticism of the field rushing stems from ideas about Rutgers’ standing within the Big Ten conference, and claims that this win was not “big” enough to warrant such joy. Ultimately, fans of both teams will tell you Michigan’s recent performance is not up to par with its past record, but not everyone can agree on the value of Saturday’s outcome for Rutgers and how it should’ve been handled.

How would you have reacted if you were there? Would you be out on the field with the team, off in the bleachers, or somewhere else completely? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!