WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Warren) — It was anything but a quiet Sunday morning for Animal Control Officer Robert Lagonera, who not only helped deliver a baby deer, but also brought a runaway horse home safely.

Lagonera's day started at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning when he was called about a deer that was hit by a car, according to a post on the police department's Facebook page. When he got on scene, Lagonera realized the doe was pregnant and that at least one of the baby fawns was still alive despite the impact. Working with a police officer the two conducted an emergency c-section safely removing one of the fawns.

The animal control officer took the fawn home with him and nursed it back to health, including "rubbing its chest to help the underdeveloped lungs work," the post said.

From there he was called to help bring the loose horse back home, before going back to continue taking care of the fawn.

"No amount of coffee is too much today," he said in the post.

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