With gas prices rising, here's a list of where to find the cheapest and most expensive gas in New Jersey. One way to make gas even cheaper is to let us pump our own. I can see some of you already hitting the ceiling. If we pump our own we can break though said ceiling.

New Jersey is the only state left where we are not allowed to pump our own gas. The argument is that if we do, the prices will rise even higher because of insurance. Not so, says Sal Risalvato the executive director of the NJ Gasoline and Convenience Automotive Association. In fact, he says you can save up to 13 cents a gallon. That would mean cutting some attendants which have the benefit of everyone who does not pump gas for a living, protect their job like it was the Alamo. Of course, these same people couldn't care less about the worker who lose their jobs to self serve at retail stores and fast food restaurants.

Now that Governor Murphy has mandated paid sick leave for all New Jersey workers, gas station owners will have no choice but to raise the prices again. While other businesses can opt to cut staff, the gas station owner is mandated to keep these people even as some rip them off in the process.

What are these poor people to do? How about get another job in a different line of work? Maybe one where they could live longer instead of breathing in toxic fumes all day. The job market is much better with unemployment at an all time low. But that shouldn't be the problem of the gas station. If they find that they do better business with people pumping then it's in their best interest to keep them, if not then that's business, just like it is where you work.

We are living in tough economic times in New Jersey with our governor taxing the crap out of us and prices continuing to rise. When the gas was taxed 23 cents a gallon, we were told that the sales tax would go down, now we're told it's not. Maybe this would be another way to give something back. I, for one, would be grateful, especially next time I'm in a rush at the pump and one guy is trying to service two full islands.

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