Would you pump your own gas in New Jersey if you could save up to 13 cents a gallon? That's what Sal Risalvato, the executive director of the NJ Gasoline and Convenience Automotive Association says can happen. Risalvato, who called into the Steve Trevelise show, says "If I do not have to pay the labor to pump your gas then I can pass that on to you."

Thanks to the competitive nature of the business, Risalvato says, "My customers are saving anywhere from 7 to 13 cents a gallon if they are allowed to pump their own gas."

Risalvato's numbers came from asking station owners in different locations throughout New Jersey how much they're paying for labor. When he asked them how much they would lower the cost if they didn't have to pay that labor, he says, the number came anywhere from 7 to 13 cents per gallon.

This brings up the question of the gas attendants losing their jobs, to which Risalvato says: "It is very, very hard to find gasoline attendants even when unemployment rates are high, my members have an enormously difficult time getting employees."

Not only is it hard to find attendants, Sal says, it's also difficult for his retailers getting employees inside his convenience stores.

"If they didn't need as many employees at the gas pumps, they probably move employees into the convenience stores, the price at the pump would go down, customers would save money, and there would be more help in the convenience stores to serve them there."

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