If having us all turn against each other and throw every last ounce of common courtesy and civility out the window is what it means to make America great again, then Trump has done an excellent job. I've never seen a climate like the one in which we're living, not even during Watergate or the tumult of Vietnam. Friendships are breaking up. Family members are having falling outs. Sides are being chosen and people are putting those sides above being an American first and foremost.

As Trump would say, sad.

Thursday night at the Count Basie Center for the Arts in Red Bank, comedian Wanda Sykes was performing her show. She opened with a series of jokes about President Trump. That's all it took for a number of people to get up and walk out, which is fine. A little silly after spending money which I hope wasn't refunded. You could have seen it through and maybe the rest of the show would cover so much other ground. Still, your choice to walk out. But some chose to begin heckling the comedian. So early in the show I doubt it was fueled by alcohol. Instead it was fueled by the my-way-or-the-highway mentality America has fallen into in these Trump years.

Comics make jokes. It's what they do. No late night talk show monologue seems complete without making jokes at a current president's expense, no matter which party. For a group of people who like to throw around the word snowflake, why are Trump supporters so thin-skinned that they would interrupt a live performance? Don't like it? Leave. And yes, snowflakes, that would go for a comic making Hillary jokes too, so don't even go there.

Wanda Sykes has every right to talk about what she wants to in her act. Just like concerts, you take the risk with live shows when you buy a ticket that the material might not be what you wanted to hear, just like a rock band doing a bunch of stuff from "the new album." When it doesn't go your way, you have every right to walk out. You can even attempt to get your money back. But to stand up and yell at the performer just shows you're being a total baby. The kind some balloons are designed to resemble.

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