In the political world, “this is the summer entertainment season," according to Chris Christie. Unfortunately for him, people don't seem amused by his presidential campaign.

(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)
(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)

You may not have much faith in him, but Christie wants you to know that four years ago Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had similar poll numbers to Donald Trump.

Still, with his own poll numbers ranging in the single percentiles compared to non-politicians Donald Trump and Ben Carson who are dominating with double-digits, can Christie make a comeback?

Sylvia from Hazlet says she would still vote for him, and she's disappointed that people overlook the money and aid he and Mary Pat sent to Sandy victims.

Meanwhile Mike from Metuchen likened Christie's campaign to The Hindenburg, and another caller compared his race so far to The Titanic. Not good.

Jeff in Plainfield said Christie is like "the great and powerful Oz," surrounding himself with an illusion of grandeur.

What do you think? Will Chris Christie make a comeback on the campaign trail, or has he completely lost his chance at becoming president? Take the poll and comment below to share your thoughts.

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