Would you support a Christie-Trump ticket?

During Wednesday night's ‘Ask the Governor,’ on New Jersey 101.5 Chris Christie shed more light on his relationship with Donald Trump and his thoughts on Trump’s meteoric rise in the GOP presidential polls.

Christie admitted that Trump was not even a blip on his radar when he was making the decision to run for the 2016 nomination.

Despite Trump’s nearly 30 percent support among Republicans in multiple polls, Christie reminded listeners that four years ago, Herman Cain had similar numbers.

“This is the summer entertainment season,” Christie said.

He said voters will now really begin to examine the candidates seriously, particularly in the early voting states.

When asked if he thought Trump would remain in the race, Christie said he had no idea.

“I can’t and won’t speculate on my friend Donald,” he said.

Christie said he and Trump spoke during most of the commercial breaks in the first GOP debate last month, and he knows the real estate mogul better than any other candidate in the crowded Republican field.

The governor also revealed that Trump’s sister introduced the two 13 years ago and they have been friends since.

Host Eric Scott then asked the million-dollar question.

“Have you thought about Trump-Christie or Christie-Trump ticket?”

Christie said he had no idea if the two big personalities could co-exist on the same ticket, and if they could handle governing together. He laughed at the idea and said it would be "quite the team" — but one with two big personalities.

“I don’t know if Donald would love being my vice-president anyways,” Christie joked.