Whenever Bill is off Joe Votruba fills in. Things get a little...uh...different? Where Ellen DeGeneres loves to spontaneously dance on her show, Joe loves to sing. The thing is, Ellen can dance. Joe can’t sing. Now neither can I, but that never stops us on Friday nights during the last three minutes. Producer Kylie Moore joins us,the only one who can carry a tune by the way, for our Friday night singalong. We ask for all of New Jersey to join us, in your cars, businesses, homes. Wherever you are, however bad or good you sound, we ask you let it rip and belt out the tune with us as a way of letting off steam from a hard week and welcoming the weekend. Let us feel your energy!

This time it’s a hard choice. We are strongly consider Under Pressure by Queeen with David Bowie. But it’s a tough song and it’s complicated with all the back and forth between Mercury and Bowie. So we’re not sure. We asked listeners in our 2 o’clock hour to come up with other suggestions and we’ve narrowed it down to these other three. Pick which you want to hear. We aren’t promising this vote will be binding but we will strongly take it into consideration.

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