It's too bad that with so many people wanting to support veterans we end up with fake, feel-good nonsense like the current question facing NJ voters on Tuesday.

Supporters will tell you veterans deserve a tax break of $250. They will tell you the cost is around $1 million dollars so we can afford it. They will tell you it's the least we can do. What they won't tell you is the reason for the question is simply to allow for-profit long-term care facilities to take the veterans tax credit for themselves as long as they pass along the 'value' to the veteran.


Who determines the value? Extra mashed potatoes at supper time? Bowling vouchers? It's certainly not going to be a cash gift to those who courageously fought for our freedom. Nope, instead it will be a huge tax break to big business using the emotion of helping vets. Even if it were cash, how on earth in the most expensive, highest taxed state in the country will $250 help anyone? We'd be better off buying all the vets scratch off lottery tickets.

Many advocates who have never served are too guilty to say anything negative about this obvious scam on the taxpayers. Most people haven't served, which of course is OK, but the minute someone invokes the word 'veteran', they are compelled to say 'yes'.

Don't fall for it.

If the NJ government and morally bankrupt pols in Trenton actually wanted to help veterans, they'd address unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse and PTSD. But no, this is Jersey and the focus of politicians in Trenton is to use any emotional issue, children, poor areas of our cities and veterans to give tax breaks to their friends. That's how it's worked for years.

Did you know, as recently as 2014, NJ vets had the highest unemployment rate in the country? There are still thousands unemployed today.

How about instead of a fake helping hand, we offer a real one? Tax credits for veteran owned businesses. Lower tax rates for veterans with no kids in public schools. Better transportation options and help in the transition from military to civilian life. But a $250 tax credit that goes to a for-profit institution with the promise of that value being transferred to the vet? It's ridiculous and insulting to anyone who has served or has a friend or family member who has served.

Get real NJ, real solutions for real people. Stop the political games with our money and VOTE 'NO'.

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