Yup. I served our country as a member of the US Marine Corp Reserves. Honorably discharged in 1999. Many of the courageous young men I served with re-enlisted and went on to serve in critical roles after our nation went to war following the September 11th attacks. My guess is you know someone who has a member of the armed forces in their family, maybe it's you or your parents who honorably served our country. That emotional connection is what the state of New Jersey wants in your head when you vote on November 5th.

They want to amend the state constitution to carry a tax deduction available to Veterans after they sell their home and stop paying real estate taxes. They want you to vote 'YES' and force continuing care retirement centers to cover the $250 tax credit and deliver cash or credits to the veteran. Why? If the veteran is no longer paying the tax, why should he or she get another payment? And even if you think they deserve another benefit, why should the state constitution force a private company to pay out additional benefits, which will only drive up their costs? Knowing that increased costs imposed by government are passed on to consumers, in this case, most likely resident's families.

There is no reason for this to pass and further increase the cost of doing business in New Jersey. How about the government focus on things like helping veterans get jobs after they serve our nation? How about LOWERING the overall tax burden for families struggling to make ends meet every month in New Jersey?

It would be nice to elect politicians in New Jersey who actually understood economics and addressed the fact that the NJ economy is lagging far behind the rest of the nation especially our neighbor states and we rank dead last in financial health. Adding an unfunded mandate on the backs of business in the name of "it's for the Vets" is disingenuous and wrong.

Vets are not victims. Veterans, if they served honorably in combat, are heroes. They should be honored and not used by slimy politicians looking for a sound bite all the while ignoring the real problems plaguing veterans and their families in our state.

Please, if you value the contribution veterans made to this nation, get out and vote. And vote 'NO' on the Property Tax Deduction for continuing care deduction.

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