Matt Shirley is a writer in LA who had a mission. He polled his Instagram followers to find out which states hate which other states. He has over 300,000 followers so it was a great sample size.

So he took the results and created this hysterical map which has now gone viral.

As you can see, New Jersey has the distinction of being the only state that reported hating every other state. Can we really be filled with that much rage?

Some make sense, like how bordering states Michigan and Ohio hate each. Or how most western states hate California. (What’s not to hate?) Nearby states like Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Delaware all hate New Jersey. (Jealous!) But we here in New Jersey had people confess to hating every single other state. No one was left off the table of animosity.


Are we this cocky? This arrogant? For a group of people moving out of the state faster than others move in you’d think it wouldn’t be this way. Go ahead and hate Pennsylvania for how they park in the left lane, but what beef do we have with Iowa? Hate New York for claiming our sports teams but what did Nebraska ever do to us? Hell Bruce even named an album after them!

Maybe we need to take a lesson from Hawaii. Not a single person there reported hating anybody. We need more maluhia and less mana’o kaumaha.

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