Always great to have Vinnie Brand, Jay Black and Jessica Nutt on the show to talk about our podcast #SpeakingMillennial. Of course with Vinnie in the mix, you never know what's you're gonna get. He called me the other day, then in mid-sentence told me he had to go and call me later. Then he calls my wife Jodi. According to Vinnie the conversation went like this:Vinnie: "Hey Jodi It's Vinnie."

Jodi: "What do you need Vinnie."

Vinnie: "Why can't I just call as a friend to say hi?!?"

Jodi: "Oh, nice to hear from you."

Vinnie: "I need a favor."

You will enjoy the latest podcast episode as we welcomed comedian Vic Dibitetto to the conversation. Vic is a Jersey guy and has earned his place among the top entertainers from New Jersey. Nearly 17 million people watched his original "Bread and Milk" rant...which was improvised on the spot.

Here's Jay Black's take on the newest episode of Speaking Millennial:

Written by: Jay Black

Youtube sensation, comedian, and all around good guy Vic Dibitetto makes a triumphant return back to the podcast this week for another hilarious interview.

One of the topics we touch on in-depth is something that feels even more poignant in the wake of last week's White House Correspondents Dinner: the role the political correctness (or, more to the point, the urgent need for audiences to get offended as quickly and loudly as possible regardless of the intention of the speaker) has played in the world of stand-up comedy. Vic shares some of his favorite stories regarding offended audiences and, as always, they're a hoot to listen to.

(And yes, I just used the word "hoot". I'm sure there's at least one of you already planning to write and tell me that I'm appropriating Owl-kin culture. That's why we need this week's episode!)

Anyway, if you're a fan of Vic's -- and, judging from his huge following on social media, it's a good bet that you are! -- this is another can't-miss episode of Speaking Millennial!

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As always, thanks for listening!

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