🚨Police were pursuing a Range Rover being driven by a teen

🚨Video shows the SUV was damaged and officers with guns drawn

🚨It was not disclosed why police were pursuing the SUV

FORT LEE — State Police and the Attorney General’s office are investigating an incident Wednesday morning in which a teen rammed several commuters and police vehicles with a Range Rover on the New Jersey Turnpike approaching the George Washington Bridge.

The SUV was trying to elude police as it headed for the crossing before it was stopped.

Police arrested two juveniles, according to Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

Charges against the teens, if any, and the circumstances of the pursuit were not disclosed by the agencies.

“I am grateful to law enforcement for successfully preventing serious injuries to commuters at the George Washington Bridge,” Platkin said. “We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to keep New Jerseyans and our roads safe.”

Range Rover on the George Washington Bridge 2/7/24
Range Rover on the George Washington Bridge 2/7/24 (@policefitnessnutrition via Instagram)

Guns drawn on SUV

Video of the incident posted by @policefitnessnutrition on Instagram (CAUTION: profanity) shows a tense scene in which officers approach the dented and scratched SUV with their guns drawn, ordering the occupants out of their vehicle.  The SUV backs up and what sounds like gunshots can be heard off screen.

The SUV drives toward an open lane and clips the rear corner of a police pickup that backs into it.

A second pickup boxes in and stops the SUV. The door opens and the individuals inside are pulled out at gunpoint.

Video contains profane language

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