JERSEY CITY — Two city police officers have been suspended and are facing criminal charges after they got into a scuffle with a Domino's manager over a pizza delivery.

Officers Rodney Clark and Courtney Solomon were charged with third-degree terroristic threats and two petty disorderly persons offenses for an incident at the Domino's Pizza on Communipaw Avenue on Monday, according to Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez. A statement released about the suspension only said the officers abused their power but did not provide any details.

Manager Mena Kirolos told  NBC 4 New York that the officers claimed pizza that they ordered was never delivered. Kirolos said his driver called the officers to tell them he was en route but when he arrived no one came to the door.

The officer called the store and told Kirolos he was coming over; 10-15 minutes later, the contingent of officers arrived.

An unidentified manager at the store on Thursday afternoon said Kirolos did not wish to speak.

"He gave an interview yesterday and really doesn't want to talk to anyone else," the manager said.

Surveillance video posted on the YouTube page of shows cops in black uniforms shoving a manager against the wall. Employees recording the confrontation and filled the front of the small eatery.

"Sir, remove your hands," the manager told one officer as another tried to separate them.

The officer took his hands off Kirolos who then put his wrists in air as if asking them to handcuff him.

"Do it sir," Kirolos said as the officers tell him to put down his hands.

"I'm trying to have a conversation with you," said the officer before directing Kirolos to step outside onto the sidewalk. The other officer told the crowd, "Relax. He's not in no trouble."

The person taking the video opened the door for a few seconds before an officer closed it. "You're making a bad situation worse," could be heard before the door was shut.

Both cops have less than three years of experience and are earning a base salary of $53,000, pension records show.

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