JERSEY CITY — Two police officers were suspended without pay following an altercation at a Domino's pizzeria on Monday.

Officers Rodney Clark and Courtney Solomon were charged with third-degree terroristic threats and two petty disorderly persons offenses of disorderly conduct and harassment.

The charges were announced Wednesday by Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez, whose spokesman declined to provide further details.

The store's supervisor confirmed an incident occurred but was reluctant to provide details.

"It's not any big deal just something we don't want to get involved with. It's a police issue right now," Bill Dun said, adding that he was not present for the incident.

Another employee, however, was quoted by as saying that the cops attacked a manager over a delivery issue and then threatened to arrest him.

They will appear in court on April 11, Suarez said.

“The Prosecutor’s Office will fully investigate the allegations against these officers and prosecute in accordance with the law to ensure that justice is served,” Suarez said. “Officers who abuse their power and break the law must be held accountable for their actions.”

The incident is the latest in a series of controversies involving Jersey City officers.

Former police chief Philip Zacche admitted taking more than $30,000 from the Housing Authority for work he did not do. Ten other JCPD cops also are facing charges of doing the same thing.

The city also faces a $25 million lawsuit from Miguel Feliz who was pummeled by officers after his crashed car burst into flames. The officers had been chasing another man and mistook Feliz for the suspect. A Hudson County grand jury this fall indicted four officers involved in the incident, charging them with aggravated assault and attempted murder.

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