Sometimes you just don’t know how your workday is going to go.

Take this job for example. Sometimes you go to work and you talk about things like the bloated state budget that just passed. Other times you go to work, get to talking with your coworkers, and find out that one of them is afraid to parallel park and hasn’t done it in years.

So of course, you instantly realize we have to have them try this live on-air while the whole state of New Jersey listens in.

Quick backstory.

And I was sitting with Bill Doyle and our producer Kylie Moore in a prep room. I was going through a stack of news articles and one New Jersey news story I kept coming back to. It was the one in Asbury Park where some poor guy was trying to parallel park on Main Street.

According to police he ended up jumping the curb going straight across the sidewalk and right through the wall of the business.

To make things even weirder authorities say the business he drove through the wall of was a driving school.

So I was kicking around the idea of the most embarrassing accident you ever had but we’ve done it before. When you do a five-hour show five days a week for so many years it’s hard not to repeat things.

But then I learned Kylie Moore’s dark secret. She’s not a confident parallel parker. She is the one who hasn't done it for years. And I thought... can we? Should we? But next I thought... how can we not?

Now I knew she would be nervous trying to parallel park with everybody listening in on live radio. While she’s never required to do any of these things, (she always knows that she can say no if she’s too uncomfortable) I felt it was only fair for Bill and me to also have some skin in the game. So I thought what if we put up our own cars as the one she had to parallel park between? That way we would also be nervous. I had faith she could do it, but if I was wrong I would suffer the damage. So would Bill.

Now listening to it didn’t tell the whole story. If you didn't hear it, the audio is below (FYI- You can find the D&D On Demand full shows here under 'podcasts'). It's the start of the six o'clock hour. Listening you'd think she only had to abort the park job and try it once more before getting it right. But we have video evidence to the contrary.

Turns out Dave Kirby our Promotions Manager was outside getting a video recording of the whole thing, which tells the full story of just how many failed in-and-out attempts it actually took. The voice you’ll hear yelling “Cut it!” so many times is that of Eric Potts who was doing his best to help Kylie, but with being on-air with us and trying to focus on parking she never heard him.

But she did it! And honestly with people staring at her and knowing how many people across the state were listening to her every move she still parked. Parallel parked. Without hitting a thing! But kids? Don’t try this at home.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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