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Ask Me Anything With Bill Spadea

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m., Bill Spadea takes to Facebook Live at Facebook.com/NJ1015 to answer your questions about the week's news. Chat with him in the Facebook Live comments, and catch up with the podcast edition on the New Jersey 101.5 app or on your favorite podcast service.

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Speaking Cops

Speaking Cops: The Back-The-Blue Podcast

Speaking Cops: The Back-the-Blue Podcast, co-hosted by Bill Spadea and representatives from NJ Cops Magazine along with the New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association, focuses on law enforcement and community issues.

In this monthly conversation, Bill speaks with representatives from New Jersey Law Enforcement and other stakeholders in New Jersey to share ideas for helping build a positive relationship between cops and communities.

The podcast also serves as a resource for cops when it comes to mental health, financial issues and public safety. The goal is to offer an inside and in-depth look at how law enforcement works to serve the community at large, and how we can better stand up for those who stand up for us every day.

Speaking Cops: The Back-the-Blue Podcast is produced by New Jersey 101.5 and sponsored by the New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association.

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Speaking Recovery

Speaking Recovery

#SpeakingRecovery, focused on addiction recovery, is hosted New Jersey 101.5 morning show host Bill Spadea and Daniel Regan from HealingUs Centers.

At Relevance Behavioral Health, you’ll get intense clinical care coupled with long-term relapse prevention. Relevance is the only local care facility focused on recovery and long term sober living. RelevanceRecovery.com

#SpeakingRecovery is recorded as a Facebook Live presentation on the first Friday of every month. See Facebook.com/nj1015

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New Jersey 101.5 News

The New Jersey 101.5 News podcast is updated every hour, Monday through Friday, with a look back at the week's news every weekend. It reflects the latest updates from the New Jersey 101.5 on-air and digital news teams. Find their stories online at NJ1015.com or on the New Jersey 101.5 app.

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The Last Point with Bill Spadea

In The Last Point, Bill sums up the arguments he's been building to for hours during his daily morning New Jersey 101.5 show. Get Bill's point distilled down into just a few minutes, every weekday.

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Jim Gearhart

Jim Gearhart Show

Jim Gearhart returns to New Jersey 101.5, bringing the acerbic wit that made him a radio legend to bear on New Jersey culture and politics once again. If someone's being absurd, corrupt or extraordinary, Jim's on it. New episodes are recorded live on Facebook at Facebook.com/NJ1015 every Thursday.

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Photo: Kristina Black

Speaking Podcast

Speaking Podcast (formerly Speaking Millennial) is an entertaining exploration into culture, life, politics, comedy and everything else — with radio and TV host Bill Spadea, comedian and writer Jay Black, and television personality and producer Jessica Nutt.

Speaking Podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Jay Lassiter, host of Heroin Uncut (Photo by Louis C. Hochman / Townsquare Media)

Heroin Uncut: The Truth About the Crisis

This podcast is no longer in production, but still available: Jay Lassiter joins New Jersey 101.5 for a frank, blunt look at the heroin crisis — how New Jersey got this deep in, and what hard truths we'll need to face to get out. New episodes every Thursday.

Heroin Uncut has completed, and is no longer available for new subscriptions via the New Jersey 101.5 app. However, you can listen to archived episodes on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.