If you find yourself checking work e-mails before you get into work or long after work hours, you're not alone.

With modern technology and an increasing number of people working outside the office or workplace, people are expected to be "connected" to their jobs, it seems almost 24/7.

This can lead to burnout, and it does for many people. Luckily New Jersey is not in the top 10 of most burnt-out states.

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Maybe we're a little smarter or sharper than other states or perhaps we prioritize our personal lives a little more.

That doesn't mean workers here in the Garden State don't take their work home with them. On average about 40% of workers are working longer than their contracted hours.

We are just slightly above that average at 41%. However, over half of us check e-mails after work hours at 53%, and at least 31% start their work earlier than their contracted hours.

The folks in Massachusetts seem to be the worst about taking work home with them 51% of them work later than their contracted hours and a whopping 76% of Massachusetts workers check their job e-mails after hours. We are still in the top ten of states that do that.

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