It happens all the time. You may see it and ask “What the hell are they doing?" Or you may find yourself doing it yourself on occasion.

I saw a driver do it this morning. He was driving in the left lane going above the speed limit, passing cars in the middle and right lane on Route 295.

Up ahead about 150 yards was a trooper with his/her lights on in the shoulder having pulled over a vehicle. The driver in his Audi put on the brakes, then immediately moved to the middle lane. It wasn’t a dangerous maneuver, but it was sudden and unnecessary.

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The cops don't have magical powers! The trooper is in the middle of another traffic stop.

He’s paying attention to the driver and making sure he/she is safe. His/her attention is on the driver, the vehicle that he or she pulled over and his or her own safety.

They do not “detect “you 150 yards away amongst dozens of other vehicles traveling in two different directions. What on earth would make you think that trooper has any idea whatsoever that you even exist?

You are one of the many cars traveling more than 65 miles an hour zooming past that traffic stop.


The cops can’t sense your presence or know that you’re doing a few miles over the speed limit. Really?! I’ve seen some drivers jam on their brakes and nearly cause an accident because they think a cop car with its lights on 100 yards ahead is somehow going to detect them going over the speed limit.

Unless you were careening into other cars and shooting a gun out of your sunroof and throwing fireworks out of the window, that cop has no interest in you whatsoever.

DON'T JAM ON YOUR BRAKES WHEN YOU SEE A COP IN AN ACTIVE TRAFFIC STOP! Don't react like a child. Thank you and happy motoring everyone!

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