Somebody needs to have a chat with that groundhog, because winter clearly doesn't appear to be sticking around as predicted. With only a few exceptions here and there, our weather has overwhelmingly been on the warm side.

So far, winter in New Jersey is shaping up to be one of the warmest in recent memory. Not only did we avoid falling below normal in January, but February also continued that streak of prolonged warm temperatures.

And although we remained warm in January, winter has made occasional appearances in February. For example, the first weekend of the month featured temperatures similar to what we experienced over Christmas.

But that cold air was very short-lived with early spring winning out shortly afterward. And with such a prolonged stretch of mild temps also comes concerning anomalies for this time of year.

Where in the world is winter? (Canva)
Where in the world is winter? (Canva)

On our last weekend of January, for example, I shared with you an odd sound I heard while driving on New Jersey's highways. It's a sound I've never heard before so early in the year, and I doubt many of you have heard it this early as well.

You can read all about that experience by clicking here. Trust me, it was very strange for the month of January.

But the strangeness doesn't stop there. Even more, anomalies have made themselves known as this unusually warm winter progresses.


Another sign that's now obvious all over is the appearance of flowers and vegetation. Things that normally don't bloom until the beginning of Spring are coming out now, during the heart of Winter.

And with this warm weather sticking around, it's getting even stranger. Recently, I had another very unusual experience so early in the year.

And it's not just me, some of my family noticed this as well. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. But as February rolled along, I realized that wasn't the case.

Close up at the butterfly

The first one was seeing what appeared to be a butterfly. Yes. A butterfly in the middle of February. It flew across my yard and then into my neighbor's yard.

It was a fairly large butterfly and very dark in color, appearing to be almost completely black. However, It was sunny out when I saw it, so it's possible the brightness from the sky made it appear darker than it really was.

Now could it have been a large moth? Perhaps, but either way, that's something you just don't see in February here in The Garden State.

Then a couple of days later I had another unusual experience. Yet another occurrence of something that you just don't see this time of year.

Gravataí, Brazil - 04/14/15: fly.

There were bugs flying around my porch. Not a swarm of them, but enough to make you take notice. Definitely not normal for February in New Jersey, and a definite concern about how quickly things are changing with our climate and nature.

It hasn't just been warm, but highly unusually warm for very long stretches of time. Throw in some humidity and we have that classic springtime weather.

As for New Jerseyans? Not many are complaining whatsoever. In fact, we're the cause of yet another anomaly happening in The Garden State.

So what is it that we're doing? Not dressing for winter, of course.

Colorful collection of t-shirts on wooden background
Photo: galitskaya

In fact, it's been quite common to see many in New Jersey swapping out their winter coats for t-shirts. Enjoy it while it lasts because winter certainly isn't over just yet.

And as for Old Man Winter? Who knows where he's been hiding.

One thing's for certain though. Wherever his hideout is, it's clearly not in New Jersey, and Mother Nature is being fooled big time.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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