Although we don't know exactly what caused a recent house fire in South Brunswick, the Fire Department has pointed to the grill.

A grill on a balcony makes me concerned from go, charcoal or gas.

iulian aghei via Unsplash
iulian aghei via Unsplash

I'm definitely on the VERY cautious side when it comes to outside fires.

We essentially live in the woods in Central New Jersey and even though it's perfectly legal, we no longer have a burning fire pit.

For our grill, we converted it to natural gas and hooked it to the house line. We also extended the line and made sure the grill was a good distance from the house.

It's so easy. Just move the gas switch to "on", turn the knob on the grill, and click the igniter.

We are grilling in the snow now. I love it. No hassle with charcoal and no embers burning that could be wind blown and start a fire.

Although we don't know if the grill on the deck was propane, gas, or charcoal, if the fire department thinks it may have been the cause, it only reinforces my paranoia that grills shouldn't be anywhere near your house!

Aside from that, a few years ago at a family cookout, I added some lighter fluid to the orange coals and it literally flashed a huge flame in my face.


Yes, it burned my eyebrows.

I looked ridiculous for about a week.

So perhaps my concern about fire has to do more with "user error" instead of grill placement. Hmmm.

Anyway, read more about the housefire as reported in Patch HERE.

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