There are people who watch the Super Bowl for the action, and there are people who watch it for the commercials. Some people watch if for both.

Jim Gearhart enjoyed the action — with defense falling down on the job for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots — there sure was a lot to see. But when the commercials started, he was thrown.

"I didn't understand any of them," Jim says in the latest installment of the Jim Gearhart Show podcast, available here as well on iTunes and Google Play.

Well, that's not quite true. He understood some. He didn't have to recognize the latest pop stars or decode any advertising executives' wacky ideas to understand Dodge was trying to sell Ram trucks through the words and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And Jim found that "in the poorest possible taste."

"Next, they'll be using mother Theresa to sell Viagra," Jim says.

But that wasn't the only indignity of the Super Bowl. How about the way the media treated the fine people of Philadelphia?

That's just part of what Jim takes on in the latest installment of his podcast. Check out the full episode to hear the rest. And Email Jim at

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— Townsquare Media staff

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