One of the unfortunate aspects of giving money away to people is that it can sap them of the motivation to do things for themselves. That’s why the stimulus money that has been given to so many Americans under the CARES act can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

Sure, when so many states were in the middle of so many shut downs, what else was a person to do besides collect the $600 a week and worry?

But now, it’s time to move on and get people back to work. We cannot treat the government like a piggy bank any longer. We need to get people to get jobs even so many would choose to stay on unemployment, because— why not? This is creating a problem for small business owners who simply cannot find employees.

We brought this up on the air the other day and I promised to post a list of the New Jersey (or New Jersey-area) businesses that are desperately looking for help.

If you feel like getting off your butt and working instead of sitting back and collecting a check from the government, here are some of the places you can apply.

  • 1

    Affordable Custom Concrete

    Bucks County

    This company does hardscape driveways, paver patios and custom work in concrete. They’re looking for drivers and workers of all kinds but they can’t seem to find them. Maybe they can help you out and you can help them out.

  • 2

    Candlewood Suites


    This hotel is looking for front desk help. They’ve been open during the entire pandemic serving front line workers and now they need employees. Seems like such a good job and a fun way to have an entrée into the hospitality business. Different shifts are available.

    You can contact them at or (201)-865-3900.

  • 3

    Throwbacks Bar and Grill


    The owner of Throwbacks called in to say he’s having a tough time finding help. It’s a great establishment and a fun environment. Like a lot of other New Jersey restaurateurs, he can hire servers to dishwashers now.

    Contact Throwbacks at (856)-461-2419.

  • 4

    Bagel Barn & Deli


    Bagel Barn at Princeton North Shopping Center is in need of a manager, shift managers and cashiers. The hours can be discussed with the candidates and ALL SHIFTS do not include any evenings so this is perfect for someone who is burned out from working nights in restaurants!

    Contact: OSG Enterprises Inc. (877)-263-2131.

  • 5

    Club Demonstration Services

    Various locations

    CDS is the company known for the food sampling inside of Costco - that’s right, it’s not Costco, it's them! Costco finally brought them back to work, but they’re struggling to find people! every location in the Northeast region is having the same problem. NJ, NY, PA, VA, MD...everywhere!

  • 6

    Canine Company

    Various locations

    Canine Company is hiring for Field Technicians and Dog Trainers all over NJ. It is a great job, especially if you love animals. Canine Company, provides Service, Installation and Training for Invisible Fence Brand Pet Containment Systems.


  • 7

    Merrick Lanscapes


    Merrick Landscapes is a lawn and garden specialist that offers mulching, garden maintenance, leaf removal and much, much more! They’re looking for landscape contractors to joint their team. Located in Yardville, New Jersey, they’re offering $13-$20 an hour.

    Contact Merrick at (609)-581-4777.

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